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Men and women sweat differently  (Excessive Sweating)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Men and women sweat differently

Men and women perspire differently, with womens sweat having a higher pH than mens (an average of 7.0 compared to 5.6). The acidity or alkalinity of your body fluids is measured in terms of pH levels - abnormal values can indicate an imbalance. Because of the physiologic differences, companies have created different formulations of antiperspirants for men and women. You have between 2 to 5 million sweat glands that are distributed over your entire body. In actuality, we are constantly releasing sweat, but the process is largely undetected because most of it evaporates.

When the volume of sweat production exceeds evaporation, which occurs through exercise, exposure to humid environments, or other triggering factors such as foods, emotions, etc., then the perspiration accumulates quickly and becomes visible. Sweating is the bodys way of eliminating waste and dissipating the heat that is produced just from normal bodily functions such as through metabolism or the use of muscles. Perspiration from exercise is not only essential for maintaining overall good health, but it is also a great way to detoxify your body. If managing your level of perspirations is a challenge, look for prescription-strength antiperspirants that can offer prolonged wetness and odour protection.


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