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The affect of antiperspirants on body temperature (Excessive Sweating)
Daily Skin Care Tips

The affect of antiperspirants on body temperature

There are many sweat ducts all over the body and only a small percentage of them are situated in the underarms. Consequently, reducing the flow of perspiration in the underarms does not affect the body's ability to regulate temperature (the main function of sweating). Keep in mind that the reason it may seem like you perspire more in the folds of your skin is because these regions trap moisture and do not allow for easy ventilation.

So, if you're using an antiperspirant to control wetness and odor in the underarms, the sweat glands located in other parts of your body can easily compensate by providing adequate control of your overall body temperature. Likewise, antiperspirants do not "trap" toxins in the body, nor do they affect the body's ability to excrete substances of any kind.


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