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The myth about antiperspirants (Excessive Sweating)
Daily Skin Care Tips

The myth about antiperspirants

For almost 20 years, an inaccurate rumour has been circulating through the internet and various forms of media suggesting that antiperspirant use causes breast cancer. This false allegation involves the harmful interference of antiperspirants in blocking the body’s need to eliminate toxins through sweat. The rumour claims that because antiperspirants actually obstruct sweat glands located in the underarm, perspiration cannot occur (as opposed to regular deodorants that simply mask malodours with fragrance), and harmful toxic substances become trapped inside the body.

Furthermore, according to the rumour, these toxins are retained in the lymph nodes below the arms, which eventually undergo cellular changes that develop into breast cancer. Given that only about 1% of sweat glands are located in the armpits, there’s an abundance of sweat glands that are located in the rest of the body to more than compensate for releasing perspiration. Use of an antiperspirant is important for a number of reasons, especially for those who experience excessive sweating and odours. Antiperspirants are easy to apply, inexpensive and helpful for supplementing personal hygiene habits (frequent changes of clothes, bathing, etc) to assist you in managing this inconvenient and potentially embarrassing condition.


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