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Lifestyle changes can help to control body odours (Excessive Sweating)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Lifestyle changes can help to control body odours

Most people are able to detect their own body odours, however, many can’t! You can become desensitized to your own body odours because you’ve become accustomed to these scents. For a more objective opinion, ask someone that you can confide in.

Changing your clothes frequently is a simple, yet often overlooked, adaption to your lifestyle that can help you to cope. By selecting loose-fitting clothes that allow your body to breathe easily, you will enable perspiration to evaporate and inhibit the bacterial growth that causes body odours. Chose natural fabrics over synthetic ones – this advice goes for shoes as well. Make certain to wash your clothes often! Because body odours are particularly strong in the underarm areas, the regular use of a deodorant or antiperspirant, along with maintaining good personal hygiene, should take care of the problem.

For an extra measure of help, try applying a clinical strength antiperspirant at night before going to bed. This extra step can offer extended dryness and odour protection that can last well through the next day, even if you shower in the morning. An effective way to manage and control both wetness and body odour is to make nighttime antiperspirant use a daily routine


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