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Limit the effects of body odour (Excessive Sweating)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Limit the effects of body odour

Shaving regularly in areas that are prone to perspiration, such as the underarms, can reduce the intensity of body odours. The main reason why shaving helps is that the hairs in these regions are ideal places for bacteria to flourish. In fact, sweat is odourless, it’s actually the thriving bacteria that creates the unpleasant smells. Avoid using products that contain strong fragrances – these simply mask the body odours, and in doing so, they can create an even more pungent combination of smells.

Instead, look for a deodorant or antiperspirant that has a fresh, clean scent. Whether you use them for daily routine personal hygiene or you need extra help to manage higher degrees of perspiration, a vast spectrum of antiperspirants and deodorants can be found at your local drug store to meet your particular needs. Even clinical strength formulas are available to effectively deal with the most demanding body chemistry.


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