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Don’t sweat it! (Excessive Sweating)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Don’t sweat it!

Rigorous activities, emotions, overactive sweat glands, or an underlying medical condition or infection that creates a hormonal imbalance are some of the main causes of excess sweating. Although there’s no cure, in most cases, you can successfully manage or control how much you sweat by making adjustments to your daily routine, like bathe or shower regularly, use an antibacterial soap and wear clean, loose fitting clothing made of absorbent natural materials (e.g., cotton).

The nighttime application of an antiperspirant can help to provide a barrier against perspiration during the restful sleep phase - you’ll wake-up feeling fresher in the morning! Clinical strength formulations that are applied the night before can offer extended dryness and odour protection that can last well through the next day, even if you shower in the morning. Making nighttime antiperspirant use a daily routine is an effective way to manage and control both wetness and body odour.


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