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Sunbeds are not a safer way to tan ...  (Sun Damage)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Sunbeds are not a safer way to tan ...

Contrary to popular belief, sunbeds are not a safer way to tan. Sunbeds emit UVA radiation, which causes tanning and aging of the skin. If you are using a sunbed, you are accelerating the aging process of your skin and increasing your risk of developing skin cancer. UVA radiation actually penetrates the top layer of the skin, but damage is sustained by the lower layer, which causes skin to age prematurely.

Other side-effects of excessive exposure to UVA are blotchiness, wrinkling and loss of firmness, giving a looser appearance to the skin. High levels of UVA can also cause sunburn and accumulated exposure leads to an increased susceptibility to skin cancer. These reasons give great incentive to seek safer alternatives such as sunless tanners. The latest generation of self-tanning products offers variety, convenience and even coverage.


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