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Why use a cleanser?  (Skin Cleansing)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Why use a cleanser?

Try a cleansing milk formulation - a creamy cleanser that removes impurities and makeup without stripping your skin of its natural oils. Usually applied to the skin and then wiped away or rinsed off with water, this type of cleanser will leave a very fine moisturizing film on the skin. Some cleansers are specifically designed for nighttime use - these products contain hydrating ingredients that continue to protect your skin from dryness and seal in moisture for an extended period of time while you rest!

Make certain to cleanse away daily accumulations of dirt and makeup to help promote and maintain healthy looking skin and prevent pores from clogging. Always rehydrate and protect your skin after cleansing - the vast spectrum of available moisturizers is formulated as creams, lotions and foams that can suit virtually any skin type.


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