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Toning-up your skin (Skin Cleansing)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Toning-up your skin

Toners aren’t a crucial component of a basic skin care regimen, but including one in your daily routine is helpful, especially if you have oily skin. Available products are formulated for dry, normal or oily skin. Toners offer several benefits that include removing any excess oil and residue that’s left on the skin after washing, restoring the pH level of your skin and preparing a clean surface to receive a moisturizer.

Some toners are formulated with anti-acne agents, antioxidants, lipids and other key ingredients. Ones containing salicylic acid can accelerate the removal of dead skin cells to help reveal a fresher layer of skin, control oily build-up on the surface and minimize future acne breakouts. A word of caution though, astringents or toners can irritate sensitive skin, especially if they have an alcohol base.


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