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Outgrow your ingrown hairs ...  (Shaving)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Outgrow your ingrown hairs ...

Ingrown hairs (sometimes called "razor bumps") can be painful and are prone to infection. Both men and women can get ingrown hairs, but due to daily shaving, it more frequently occurs in men, especially those with curly hair.

Shaving after a shower will help to open up pores and soften hairs. Lather up with a shaving gel, one that contains moisturizing ingredients will help to restore hydration. Shave with the grain of the hair, use a light touch and as few strokes as possible. In between strokes, rinse your razor with hot water to keep the blades from getting obstructed with residue. If you are using an electric razor, cut hairs about 1mm above the skins surface. Donot stretch the skin while shaving and apply a moisturizing lotion as the finishing touch.

Finally, remember to replace your cartridges often. If you need a little reminder, look for razors with an indicator strip that tells you when it is time for replacement - it is an easy and convenient way to consistently get the closest shave possible.


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