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Nip folliculitis in the bud!  (Shaving)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Nip folliculitis in the bud!

Folliculitis is an infection of the hair follicles that often appears on areas that have been irritated by shaving or tight-fitting clothes. Other causes include excessive sweating or adhesive materials that obstruct the hair follicles, acne and dermatitis, injury to the skin and exposure to agents such as coal tar.

If you use a blade razor, do not press too hard against the skin on your face, or alternatively, try shaving with an electric razor. Look for multi-blade razors (from 2 to 5 blades) with an indicator strip that lets you know when to replace them. The indicator strips often contain moisturizers that help to soothe just-shaved areas. The condition of your blades is essential for achieving close and clean shaves that wonot promote infections. Also, maintain clean skin and avoid clothing that rubs against your skin and aggravates the hair follicles. If an infection does develop and persists for more than a week, get an assessment by your doctor.


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