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Get the right directions for your shave ...  (Shaving)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Get the right directions for your shave ...

Hair grows in every direction, and so your razor must follow in order to get a smooth result. Hairs on your legs grow down, so it is best to begin at your ankles and shave up. Shaving the hairs in the underarms takes more time and effort because they grow in multiple directions. Try using a razor with five blades that individually adjust to hug every curve - the innovative design is set to minimize cuts and irritation.

Also, using a clean sharp razor to maneuver carefully around curves, raised areas and crevices will avoid nicks and cuts, and reduce the chance of infection. Make sure to replace your blades or razors regularly. Moisturize just-shaved areas, especially parts that are prone to dryness, like the legs.


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