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Do you have curly hair? (Shaving)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Do you have curly hair?

You're at greater risk of getting ingrown hairs after shaving, because the hairs are more likely to curl and loop back into the skin. Take extra care when shaving. You may notice that shortly after the hair is shaved, small itchy, discoloured bumps may appear. This skin infection is called pseudofolliculitis barbae, but it is more commonly known as "ingrown hairs" or "razor bumps".

The problem can affect both men and women, and it can occur on any area of the body where hair is removed. Anyone with coarse hair can develop this condition, but it is especially prevalent in people with curly hair. Reduce the chances of occurrence by simply adapting your shaving technique through pretreatment with a shaving lotion or gel, and don't press the razor blades too hard against your skin. If possible, leave a slight stubble.


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