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Adapt your shaving technique to reduce ingrown hairs (Shaving)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Adapt your shaving technique to reduce ingrown hairs

For those of you who regularly shave or pluck unwanted hair, you may notice that shortly after the hair is removed, small bumps appear. These bumps can become red, itchy and discoloured. The resulting skin infection is called pseudofolliculitis barbae, but it is more commonly known as “ingrown hairs” or “razor bumps”. This problem can affect both men and women, and can occur on any area of the body where hair is removed.

Anyone with coarse hair can develop this condition, however, it is more prevalent in people of African or Hispanic descent, whose curved hair follicle and curly hair are contributing factors. Simple modifications to your shaving routine that can help include shaving less frequently, leaving a bit of stubble, and changing your technique by reducing the pressure of the razor against your skin. Regularly replace cartridges or disposable razors to prevent nicks and cuts. Not sure if your blades are dull? Remove the guesswork by using razors with a built-in indicator strip. Always rehydrate by applying a moisturizer to dryness-prone areas after shaving, like the face and legs.


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