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Hydrate your skin before, during and after your shave! (Shaving)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Hydrate your skin before, during and after your shave!

It’s a good idea for men to first soften their beard with a warm washcloth and then apply shaving cream or gel to prep the area just before shaving. It’s important to keep your beard moist before and during the shave. Even try showering first to let the steam and water soften the hairs and open up pores.

Using clean sharp blades, pass the razor over your skin only once in the direction of hair growth. Shaving in the other direction may cause dryness, burning and irritation that can lead to ingrown hairs and infection of the hair follicle. When you're done, rinse off all traces of the shaving foam or gel. A splash of cool water will help to close pores and invigorate your skin. Soothe and restore hydration to the just-shaved skin on your face and neck with either a moisturizing gel or lotion.