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Rosacea or acne?  (Rosacea)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Rosacea or acne?

The signs differ in each individual, but managing the symptoms can be frustrating. Any combination of the following symptoms can be present: burning, stinging, itching, swelling and flushing (redness), especially in the creases from the nose to each side of the mouth.

Rosacea can be misdiagnosed as acne, consequently, unless you have a confirmed diagnosis from your doctor, do not use over-the-counter acne medications that can potentially worsen your rosacea by irritating skin that is already dry and sensitive. Many people with rosacea see significant improvement when they use creams or gels that contain metronidazole (an antibiotic medication that also reduces inflammation). Your doctor can provide advice on the treatment that is best suited for you.


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