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Prevent hangnails from appearing ...  (Nail Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Prevent hangnails from appearing ...

As small as hangnails are, they are an annoying source of pain and irritation. If not promptly removed, they can get infected. Softening your skin by first soaking your hand in warm water will make removal easier. Limit the use of nail polish and polish removers, as these products disrupt the natural condition of your hands and nails by drying out your skin and cuticles, which causes hangnails to form.

If you regularly do work around the house or in the garden, wear gloves to prevent dryness and irritation from occurring. Regularly moisturize your hands and cuticles with a lotion or cream, especially after washing. Choose a hand cream that is enriched with vitamins to help create a barrier for sealing in moisture and defending against dry skin.


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