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Hair can get sunburned too!  (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Hair can get sunburned too!

Did you know that your hair can get damaged by the sun too? UV rays affect the outer layer of the hair (the cuticle), and overexposure can result in damage to the hair shaft. The sun produces a bleaching effect on the hair cuticle, and eventually, the keratin protein (fibrous structural protein of hair and nails) breaks down. Repeated or excessive sun exposure gradually makes hair fragile, brittle, dry and lighter in colour.

For an additional level of sun protection, try to find spray-in hair treatments or conditioners that are SPF rated. Apply sunscreen sticks to where you part your hair - the thicker consistency will prevent seepage. Bear in mind that your scalp is equally vulnerable to the harmful effects of the sun. Using a moisturizing conditioner after each shampoo will help to rehydrate your hair. The best advice for damage prevention is to avoid sun exposure during the time of day when UV intensity is at its highest. If you are outdoors, seek refuge in shady areas, and wear a hat whenever possible.


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