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Itchy and flaky scalp?  (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Itchy and flaky scalp?

Malassezia fungi are the culprits believed to be the leading cause of dandruff. These naturally occurring yeasts are commonly found on the skin, but the conditions on the scalp seem ideal for them to flourish. It is impossible to completely eliminate them, but their affects on dandruff can be controlled. Most often, medicated shampoos are an effective method for dandruff management.

Look for products containing pyrithione zinc, ketoconazole, salicylic acid, selenium sulfide or coal tar. When used two or three times a week, these shampoos can help you to successfully manage the symptoms. New advances in the form of anti-dandruff conditioners can also add an extra boost of the active ingredient on your scalp to further reduce irritation and flaking, as well as improve manageability.


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