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Playing tug o-war with your hair? ...  (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Playing tug o-war with your hair? ...

Loosen up! Wearing braids or ponytails too tightly, or continually tugging at your hair, can actually cause bald spots and unnecessary hair loss to occur. Heredity and hormonal changes are some influencing factors, but hairstyling practices that distress the natural condition of your hair can also cause hair loss, and these include excessive brushing or use of an inappropriate type of brush. Keep in mind that the hair shaft is weakest when wet, so avoid vigorous towel-drying or applying too much pressure when combing or brushing - youwill find that including a conditioner in your hair care routine will make brushing much easier and it will also improve the texture.

Occasionally, give your hair a break from the heat and try air drying. When your hair and scalp are exposed to too much heat, damage can occur in the form of dryness and brittleness that can result in split-ends and breakage. If you frequently use heat-generating devices for styling, such as curling or straightening irons, or chemical treatments (for colouring, bleaching or perming), make sure to condition your hair on a regular basis.

If dandruff is concern, look for conditioning products that can treat the scalp and restore hydration to the hair shaft. Adapt your hair care practices to promote a naturally healthy head of hair. If your hair loss occurs suddenly, seek your doctors advice, because some forms of hair loss are the result of an underlying medical condition.


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