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Clean and condition: Hair care basics (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Clean and condition: Hair care basics

Keeping your hair clean is the first step. The combination of your hair type and the condition of your scalp will determine how frequently you should wash. If your hair is dry and your scalp is slow to accumulate oil, then washing once a week may be adequate. On the other hand, if your hair is fine or limp and tends to get oily fast, you may need to wash daily. The second step for keeping your hair healthy and protected is to use a suitable conditioner to reduce static electricity and improve the texture and manageability.

If dandruff is a concern, a combined regimented use of a medicated shampoo and conditioner should successfully get the flaking under control. Regular use of a conditioning product will also help rehydrate your strands and even repair some of the damage sustained from blow-drying and chemical treatments.


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