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Stop the damage and prevent hair breakage!  (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Stop the damage and prevent hair breakage!

Hair can break at any point along the shaft where it’s weakened. Breakage that occurs at the ends is commonly known as “split ends”. Some common causes include styling techniques, heavy or tight braids and overexposure to heat or chlorine. Improper or overuse of chemical applications that perm, bleach or straighten hair, as well as hot comb treatments, are especially damaging to the hair shaft and can lead to breakage. The repeated use of a fine-toothed comb on coarse/thick or curly hair, or teasing, can also damage the hair shaft.

Get back to the basics of getting a good cut and keeping your hair clean to prevent unnecessary shedding and impairment to both the hair and scalp. Particularly for dry or chemically-treated hair, restore moisture with a conditioner after each shampoo. Look for a pro-vitamin formula that’s enriched with amino-proteins to help repair and strengthen your hair. Breakage can also indicate a health disorder, so if it’s occurring and you can’t attribute it to styling practices or chemical treatments, then seek your doctor’s advice.


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