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The science behind antidandruff conditioners (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

The science behind antidandruff conditioners

Do you experience static hair? The regular use of a conditioner will neutralize the static electricity of flyaway hair. You may not know that the law of attraction applies to hair conditioners. The chemical composition of conditioners is positively charged and it's attracted to the negative charges in the hair. So, when a conditioner is applied, it attaches to the hair on contact and neutralizes the charges. The reduced static charge will prevent frizziness and increase manageability.

If you’re also managing dandruff, try medicated conditioners that offer the versatility of general use for all hair types, even for those who don’t consider flaking to be a problem. Regular use of an antidandruff conditioner can help to control the naturally occurring fungus that causes dandruff and maintain a balanced environment for a healthy scalp. Unlike some medical ingredients, active antifungal agents, such as pyrithione zinc, will not lose its effectiveness over time. To get the full benefits from antidandruff conditioners, apply the product to both your scalp and hair, then massage your scalp before rinsing.


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