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Afraid to try a new hair colour? (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Afraid to try a new hair colour?

If you want to try a new colour on your hair, but can’t decide on the shade, use temporary hair colour products or the semi-permanent varieties that contain no ammonia and low peroxide. Highlighting has become extremely popular, and if done correctly, the technique can give your hair different tones and add texture.

If your highlights don’t turn out the way you intended, the situation can be rectified nearly overnight if you’ve used temporary formulas that washout in 1 to 3 shampoos. If you're going to experiment with hair colour, do it on the weekends and stay away from the permanent dyes, this will give you enough time to reverse unwanted results. If used too frequently, the harsher chemicals contained in permanent dyes can dry out the hair shaft and turn it to a straw-like texture.

In addition, overuse will only serve to build too many layers of colorant, which can result in dry, dull, brittle hair that can break easily. Make sure to give your hair at least a 3-4 week rest period in between colour applications and always condition afterwards.


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