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Protect from lice infestation (Hair Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Protect from lice infestation

The most common sign of lice is an itchy head or neck. Take a close look. If it's lice you'll probably see these wingless insects or their eggs (called nits) on the hair shaft very close to the scalp. Nits resemble tiny yellow, tan, or brown dots before hatching. After the parasites emerge, the shell of the eggs look white or clear. Lice are highly contagious and young children are particularly susceptible because they come into close contact with other kids at school.

If you need to treat a lice outbreak, use a very fine comb to remove lice and their nits from the hair. You'll also need to treat the scalp and hair with an insecticide that’s designed especially for lice (available at your pharmacy without a prescription). All bedding, towels and clothing will need to be washed in hot water (at least 50 degrees celsius), and plush toys should be stored in a sealed plastic bag for 2 weeks.


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