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Prevent calluses ...  (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Prevent calluses ...

Thickened areas of the skin that are caused by repeated pressure or friction are called calluses. It is the skins way of protecting itself from additional injury or damage. Although they can form anywhere on the body, calluses are most likely to be found on the hands and feet. Musicians or those who work with their hands are likely to develop calluses on the fingers and palms. On the feet, they typically form on the sole or heal from running, standing or walking (often caused by improperly fitting shoes).

Once calluses thicken, or if they develop into corns (an accumulation of dead skin cells), any pressure against them can result in pain and persistent discomfort - this is especially true if they are being pressed on by underlying bones. See your doctor for available treatments. For night time at-home care, apply a rich moisturizing cream on your feet, one that contains an exfoliant is even better, and cover with a pair of socks.

If you follow this nourishing routine 2 or 3 times each week, your feet will feel noticeably softer. Another option is to give yourself an at home pedicure. Look for products with combined moisturizing and exfoliating capabilities that can help your feet feel softer, smoother and soothed.


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