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Want to get rid of your tattoo?  (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Want to get rid of your tattoo?

Tired of your tattoo? You are not alone, it is estimated that about 50% of people who get tattoos go on to regret getting them later in life. Some options for removal include excision, dermabrasion and salabrasion, but laser treatments offer the best results. Depending on the tattoo, you will need several treatment sessions spaced at four to eight-week intervals. Lasers emit intense pulses of light that pass through the upper layers of skin and specifically target the tattoo pigments by breaking them up into smaller particles, which are then carried away by scavenger cells of the bodys immune system. People with lighter skin tend to experience better results.

Other factors that determine the effectiveness of laser therapy include colors in the tattoo (blue-black is easiest to remove, whereas lighter or brighter colours are more difficult); the location, depth and age of the tattoo also influence the outcome. Treatment success is also technique dependent, so do your homework and find a professional with extensive expertise in tattoo removal. The downside to laser therapy is that the cost is often prohibitive and the multiple treatment sessions can be very painful for some.


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