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Pregnancy and skin discoloration ...  (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Pregnancy and skin discoloration ...

If you are pregnant, you may be noticing some changes to your skin. Most women will experience pigmentary changes on various parts of the body, including the face. Some women find that patches called melasma (also referred to as -the mask of pregnancy-) may form, particularly on the face.

As well, their moles, scars and freckles may darken. The cause of this condition is an overproduction of melanin, a natural substance that gives colour to the hair, skin, and iris. These changes usually reverse after your baby is born. Applying a broad spectrum sunscreen (one that includes UVA blocking agents) regularly can minimize the effects - a simple way to include sun protection in your daily skin care regimen is to find a moisturizing product that combines it in its formulation.

If you are looking for a more targeted treatment, consider using products ranging from mousse cleansers to foaming moisturizers, self-repair serums, and intense hydrating creams. These can all contribute to an effective skin care regime to help fade -the mask of pregnancy-.


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