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Considering a tattoo or skin piercing?  (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Considering a tattoo or skin piercing?

First and foremost, only choose a professional artist who uses sterilized equipment and make certain that the work is performed in a hygienic environment. Modern day trends have renewed the interest in body art and adornments in the form of tattoos and skin piercing. Complications from tattoos can include infection, inflammation of connective skin tissues and scar formation. Sensitivities to components in the inks used for tattooing can also occur.

Difficulties encountered with body piercing include keloid scarring (over growth of tissue), bleeding complications, infections and metal allergies. Removing piercings is relatively simple, but tattoo removal can be very costly and painful. Do your homework by asking the right questions and visiting the facility before committing to any work being done.


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