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Skin care that’s simple is best! (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Skin care that’s simple is best!

The most effective skin care regimen should be simple and basic. Cleanse twice-daily - once in the morning to remove any oily build-up and reinvigorate your skin, and a second time at the end of the day to eliminate the accumulation of makeup, oil, daily grime and pollutants. Moisturize after each cleansing to rehydrate and protect your skin - this will help to replace some of the natural oils that are essential for maintaining a smoother appearance and softer feel.

Since ultraviolet radiation from the sun is our skin's worse enemy, don't forget to use a sunscreen everyday, even in the winter. If you’re seeking some colour, try self-tanning moisturizers that also provide sun protection - they’re a convenient way to tackle all of your basic daily skin care needs, as well as give you a subtle golden glow over the winter months!


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