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Need to manage gray hair, but short on time? (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Need to manage gray hair, but short on time?

When the process starts and the rate at which your hair turns gray is largely determined by your genes. Some people can spot the first gray strand as early as during their teenage years. A good indication can be found by looking at your parents and grandparents. The colour of your hair is produced by pigment cells located in a bulb of tissue under the skin (called the hair follicle). These pigment cells (called melanocytes) create a substance known as melanin that provides the new “living” hair growth with colour – the hair we see actually consists of dead cells. Melanin is the same substance that gives your skin its colour too.

As we age, the melanocytes gradually stop producing the pigment, leaving a gray, silver or white strand of protein. The contrast with darker hair will make gray strands more visible, but fortunately, a relatively simple solution is at hand in the form of hair dyes. The latest product innovation allows for gray coverage in 10 minutes! Managing gray hair can be as easy as a morning application of the hair dye formulation, then brush your teeth, take an invigorating shower and you’re ready to do a thorough rinse-off of the colourant. Hair colour has also come a long way with formulas that actually have a pleasant scent!


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