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Don’t forget to treat yourself over the holidays! (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Don’t forget to treat yourself over the holidays!

Getting great skin is probably the ultimate gift anyone can receive, but with the hectic pace of the holidays, who has time to visit the spa? You can have healthy looking skin year-round, at a fraction of the cost, by giving yourself the same treatments at home. If you’re looking for a special skin care application to pamper yourself, try self-heating cleansers that are uniquely formulated to combine the relaxing feel of a mini spa treatment with the capabilities of facial washes.

These advanced formulations incorporate the use of microbeads that are activated to warm the skin - this allows the heat to open up the pores to achieve a deeper cleaning action. The multiple benefits include cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing - all in one application! Search for products containing vitamins, antioxidants and aloe vera to further help revitalize your skin’s appearance. At-home treatments are ideal for those who are budget conscious and/or with busy lifestyles - the convenience and savings will allow you to indulge in and devote to a comprehensive skin care regimen on a regular basis.


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