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Cosmetic or Cosmeceutical? (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Cosmetic or Cosmeceutical?

Skin products are either classified as drugs or cosmetics. A drug can alter the function and structures of the skin, while a cosmetic just changes the appearance. The term “cosmeceuticals” was created to describe products using ingredients that have some biological effect on the skin or have drug-like benefits, but they are not classified as drugs. It means that these products cannot make claims about improving the skin’s function, only that they can improve the appearance.

However, interestingly, recent research on some of these biologically active ingredients (antioxidants, plant extracts, proteins, peptides, epidermal growth factors, etc.) has begun to cause quite a stir within the scientific community. Some studies are demonstrating that these active ingredients can actually alter the structure and/or function of the skin.


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