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Uncovering the truth about unscented products  (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Uncovering the truth about unscented products

Does perfume-free always mean no perfume? Perfume-free products can sometimes still contain perfumes to mask the chemical smell of certain ingredients, but they may be labeled as preservatives instead. Having sensitive skin, particularly if you have confirmed allergies to fragrances, requires that you carefully exam product labels. This can be a daunting task as some ingredients are not easily identifiable by common names. Basically, the key message amidst the confusion is that a product labeled as “unscented” does not mean it is fragrance-free, but rather the scent cannot be perceived.

Also, bear in mind that fragrances added to products to mask other scents do not have to be labeled as ingredients. However, a label that is marked “perfume-free” or “fragrance-free” is less likely to contain fragrances that can potentially cause allergic reactions. If your skin is highly sensitive, try testing a small patch of skin first, or better yet, ask your dermatologist for product recommendations.


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