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Defining hypo-allergenic  (General Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Defining hypo-allergenic

Hypo-allergenic does not mean non-allergenic! Instead, it means that the most common skin allergens have been removed from the skin care product that lists this claim. Although hypo-allergenic products contain less allergens, people who have highly sensitive skin can still develop a reaction to them. Also, don’t be fooled by products made with botanical agents or plant-derived components that are commonly found in many skin care formulations.

These key active ingredients are often labeled as "natural", but they’re actually synthesized in a laboratory rather than extracted from plants. Natural also doesn’t mean non-allergic. As a matter of fact, certain natural or botanical ingredients are some of the worst offenders when it comes to causing allergic reactions. If you have sensitive skin, try to spot the word “hypo-allergenic” to lessen the chances of developing a skin irritation. If you’re not certain, it’s a good idea to first test a small area on your skin.


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