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Heading into the pool?  (General Health)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Heading into the pool?

Have a quick shower first, and be sure to thoroughly soak your hair - this will stop your hair from absorbing too much chlorine, which can leave it dry and brittle. A quick rinse before entering the pool will also remove dirt, sweat and oils. Swimming is an excellent form of exercise, but with the number of people, especially at a community facility, chlorine must be added to the water to prevent bacteria from flourishing and causing infectious illnesses. The concoction of chemicals used to disinfect the waters commonly causes itchy skin, irritated eyes, or even breathing difficulties.

The interesting fact is that not only does chlorine have an antibacterial effect, but it also reacts with substances excreted from peoples bodies, such as sweat and urine. Perspiration, lotion, deodorant and hair gel can create chlorine byproducts; such chemical reactions can cause asthma or worsen preexisting conditions. So, make certain to rinse off before and after your swim. Due to the drying effects of chlorine, it is also a good idea to use a moisturizer right after taking a dip in the pool.


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