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What causes hives?  (General Health)
Daily Skin Care Tips

What causes hives?

Hives (also known as urticaria) is a common inflammatory skin reaction that can be brought about by an allergic or nonallergic event. One of the main characterizing features is the presence of welts (raised red skin). Hives can appear anywhere on the body, including the lips, tongue, throat and face. Associated symptoms include itching, stinging and burning sensations. Many people develop hives in response to medications, infections and certain foods.

Causes can vary significantly, and they include cold or heat exposure, something that rubs against the skin, sweating, or even emotional triggers such as stress. The welts can range in size and may last for several minutes to several days. Successful treatment can be difficult, due to the spontaneous nature of the reaction. The best defense is to be aware of potential triggers and avoid them if possible.


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