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Prevent fungal infections ...  (Fungal Infections)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Prevent fungal infections ...

Fungal infections of the feet can be difficult to treat, especially if they spread to your toenails. The fungus that causes athletes foot proliferates in warm moist environments, so it is very important to keep your feet as dry as possible. The areas between your toes are ideal hiding places and the conditions there are ripe to encourage an infection to start.

Especially during hot weather or in humid climates, avoid wearing shoes made of synthetic materials as they will promote sweating; instead, keep your feet well ventilated with sandals or flip-flops. After using the facilities at a community swimming pool or gym, or if you have used the sauna or hot tub, it is a good idea to thoroughly cleanse your entire body with soap and water. Antifungal foot powers can help to keep your feet stay dry and reduce the chance of getting a fungal infection.


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