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Keep it clean!  (Eczema)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Keep it clean!

Studies show that eczema is aggravated by household dust, dust mites, moulds, pollen and animal dander. Try to eliminate these irritants by washing your sheets at a high temperature once a week, vacuuming carpets and curtains regularly, increasing the humidity levels indoors, and keeping rooms as dust-free as possible. Managing and controlling stress, avoiding the use of harsh soaps or skin care products and wearing garments made with 100% cotton can limit the chances of flare-ups.

If you are finding that your eczema is difficult to manage, ask your doctor about prescription cortisone or non-steroidal creams and ointments. Regular use of a moisturizer will help you to break out of the "dry skin cycle", which results from the skins inability to self hydrate and repair its natural moisture barrier function. Applications of lotions and creams will continually replenish lost moisture and help those with eczema to manage chronically dry skin.


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