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Trying to control eczema?  (Eczema)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Trying to control eczema?

Launder your clothes often. Try to eliminate any residual detergent left in clothing and bedding by adding less detergent to the load and doing a double rinse. You may also find that soap flakes are less irritating, but select a brand that is mild and phosphate-free. Avoid using fabric softeners and bleach. Keep in mind that any residual detergent remaining on your laundry can aggravate your skin.

Also, select natural fabrics like pure cotton over synthetics, but the textures of wools and linen can cause irritation. Select loose-fitting styles and make certain to wash new garments at least a couple of times before wearing them. Taking the time to properly maintain your clothes will help prevent the itch-scratch cycle that leads to flare-ups. Remember to always keep your skin well-hydrated with a suitable moisturizer for added protection of your sensitive skin.


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