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Managing your eczema ...  (Eczema)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Managing your eczema ...

Do you suffer from eczema? You are not alone. It is estimated that eczema affects 10% to 15% of the population and is becoming increasingly common. Eczema represents a number of different skin conditions characterized by redness and irritation that may or may not produce small, fluid-filled bumps or blisters. The cause of eczema is not entirely understood, although genetic, immunological and skin barrier defects are important contributing factors.

The associated itch is a persistent and annoying symptom that often prompts scratching, making the cycle of itch-scratch-irritation even worse. Consult your doctor for advice and treatment options to help you successfully manage your eczema. Be aware of triggers (such as food allergies, sweating, allergens, perfumes, etc.) that can cause your eczema to flare-up or worsen. It is important to always keep your skin protected with moisturizers, especially after bathing. Well hydrated skin will reduce itching and improve the appearance of dry, flaky skin.


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