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Uncovering the latest advances in foundations (Cosmetics)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Uncovering the latest advances in foundations

The newest generation of foundations incorporates the latest advancements in makeup formulations. If you’re wanting to minimize the look of fine lines, diminish the appearance of blemishes or other skin imperfections, search for novel formulas that stay suspended over fine lines and wrinkles without collecting into the lines and highlighting the areas being camouflaged. These innovative products are multi-purposed with the addition of conditioning agents, such as antioxidants to help balance skin tone and vitamins (niacinamide) to strengthen the barrier function of the skin and encourage collagen production.

Additionally, these specialized foundations provide adequate UV protection, which is a must to guard your skin from further sun damage and premature aging. The unique feature of these sheer formulas is that they convert from a cream to a liquid consistency on contact with the skin, creating a suspension that can easily glide over your skin for easy application. Foundations basically cover most of the surface area of your face, so in order to minimize any irritation and prevent acne breakouts, always look for a product that’s both non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.


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