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Your babys delicate skin  (Children's Skin Care)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Your babys delicate skin

Your baby's skin is delicate and can be very sensitive. Before dressing your infant in any new clothing, make sure to wash them first to remove any traces of potentially irritating agents used in the manufacturing process. Hypoallergenic detergents are also available if your baby has extra sensitive skin. Use bathing and skin care products that are specially formulated for infants - these tend to contain less perfumes and harsh ingredients. Avoid using soaps and do not over cleanse your babys sensitive skin. It is not necessary to have daily baths, especially if their bottoms are thoroughly cleaned after each diaper change.

A gentle wipe-down of babys face, neck, hands and feet, underarms and skin folds with a soft wet washcloth is all that is needed. Make certain to check and clean areas where milk and food can collect, like under the chin and neck. Frequent diaper changes will reduce rashes that can develop into red, painful sores. If necessary, applying a diaper cream that contains zinc oxide will help to guard against irritation from wetness.


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