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IPLs for skin rejuvenation ...  (Aging Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

IPLs for skin rejuvenation ...

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy uses laser technology to deliver computerized pulses of light to improve skin imperfections caused by rosacea, acne, spider veins, discolorations and flushing.

Furthermore, because it can be successfully applied to treat skin damage caused by the sun, IPL therapy is frequently referred to as photorejuvenation. Several treatments are required to reduce or eliminate brown patches, freckles or liver spots caused by sun damage. Redness and mild irritation are common short-term side-effects, and there is little down time required for recovery.

If you are considering IPL laser therapy, it is imperative to avoid sun exposure one month before and several weeks after each treatment session - neglecting to do so can result in prolonged irritation and permanent discoloration. Use a minimum SPF30 sunscreen on treated areas. As a less intrusive alternative or adjunct to IPL therapy, consider using a skin care regime that targets skin discoloration and reduces pigmentary changes from occurring.


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