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Skin changes that progress with age (Aging Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Skin changes that progress with age

It's not just your face that can show your age. Skin changes are also noticeable on your neck, shoulders and hands. These areas are frequently exposed to the sun, wind, changing temperatures and pollution, so they need to be moisturized and protected as well, especially from the sun's harmful UV rays. To restore adequate hydration to aging skin and minimize the visible signs, look for combination products that contain sunscreen agents, vitamin antioxidants or botanical ingredients for an extra boost of nutrients and protection. Some interesting developments taking place in the realm of skin research include an agent called N-acetyl-glucosamine (NAG), which has been shown to improve age-related changes caused by sun damage. Study findings reported that NAG faded existing skin discoloration, and because it interrupts the chemical signals that promote melanin (a substance that gives rise to skin colour) production, NAG has the potential to prevent new areas of hyperpigmentation from forming. You may need multiple products to address the differing needs of various body parts. For facial skin, select a moisturizer with sunscreen agents for daytime use and an emollient-rich formulation for nighttime application.


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