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Do you have blotchy skin?  (Aging Skin)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Do you have blotchy skin?

Uneven skin tone can appear anywhere on the face or body, and it is a common problem that affects everyone, regardless of skin colour. The uneven distribution of pigment can be quite distressing, especially if it is highly visible on the face and/or in cases where colour differences are more pronounced. Sometimes, these pigmentary differences can be present since birth, but for the most part, they are caused by the accumulated effects of the sun. Prolonged bouts of dryness or irritation can also trigger variations in skin tone to form.

As you age, your skin will reflect the care that you’ve given it, so be sure to regularly use adequate amounts of sunscreen and moisturizers - the earlier you start, the better! Eating a healthy diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals can also help your skin to repair itself. Tinted moisturizers offer a light non-greasy way to delicately even out skin tone. Some tinted moisturizers conveniently include sunscreen agents to help prevent further discoloration from occurring.


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