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Changes to expect as your acne heals ...  (Acne)
Daily Skin Care Tips

Changes to expect as your acne heals ...

The pimples gone, but why is a mark still visible? You may notice changes to skin color and texture where once a pimple used to be. Recently healed acne lesions commonly produce what is known as post-inflammatory changes, such as erythema (pink or purple mark), hyperpigmentation (brown patches that occur more often in those with darker complexions or who tan easily) or hypopigmentation (lighter colored marks). These skin changes will improve on their own over time - they usually disappear in 6 to 12 months after the lesion resolves.

To avoid permanent scarring, do not squeeze your pimples or pick at the scabs. Daily use of a broad-spectrum sunscreen will help to prevent the sun from darkening these discolored patches. It might be helpful to find a daily moisturizer with a sunscreen built into the formulation.


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