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What's minimal acne?  (Acne)
Daily Skin Care Tips

What's minimal acne?

Minimal acne is characterized by a few blackheads or whiteheads and the occasional pimple. This type of acne can be treated with skin care products available at your local drugstore. Find cleansers that contain salicyclic acid, glycolic acid, antibacterial agents, or creams, gels or lotions that have benzoyl peroxide to help unblock the pores and reduce blackheads. When using acne medication on the skin, apply the product to the entire area where you have acne, not just to the visible blemishes. This method of general application will also target small microscopic blemishes that are not yet visible.

It's important to use these medicines regularly and as directed on the label. Acne treatments most often fail because people get frustrated with the slow rate of progress and discontinue treatment and/or they do not follow the instructions for use. It usually takes 6 to 8 weeks before you will see significant improvement. You may also need to continue therapy in order to maintain the results. Your patience will pay off!


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