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Acne Q&A: Ask the Dermatologist
While the direct cause if not well known, acne is the result of hormonal, bacterial, and inflammatory disturbances. Due to overactive sebaceous glands, pores become clogged with excess oil, prompting the proliferation of acne bacteria. This can inflame the skin, resulting in pimples or cysts.
Are You a Hair Care Expert?
"Flyaway" hair is all too common in dry climates. Caused by static electricity and rough hair cuticles (the outer layer of the hair), flyaway hair can often be controlled through the use of hair products.
Caring for Your Child's Skin
Children have a tendency to get cuts, scrapes, burns and other minor skin irritations and conditions. Here are some tips to help you deal with your child's minor skin problems.
General Skin Care FAQ
Your skin is the latest organ in your body, so there's a lot to know about it! Here are some interesting facts and tips about your skin and how to look after it.
Hair Care Q&A
Having a bad hair day again? Dandruff? Excess hair? That doesn't have to happen. Here are some easy tips for you and your family to follow to have great looking hair.
Important Laser Hair Removal Facts
Demand for the removal of unwanted hair is on the increase for both men and women. Hair removal laser technology has progressed in the last ten years to the point where it is considered a safe and reliable option for the treatment for black and brown hairs. It is, however, important to understand the facts, including limitations of laser hair removal.
Skin Care for School Children
It's that time of year when students all over the country are going back to school. Here are a few tips that will help keep their skin great for that first day back...
Sunscreen and Sunburn FAQ
While some experts believe that frequent application during sun exposure is beneficial, some experiments have shown that a single application of sunscreen will suffice for the day.
Taking Proper Care of Your Skin This Halloween
With Halloween upon us, adults and children alike are planning costumes for parties, school events and trick or treating. For some adults, it is the one time of year that "the inner child" comes out to play. Costumes, make-up and funny shoes are all fun to put on, but there are some things to consider so that your skin and your health are not affected.
Tattoo Removal Q&A
Laser treatment for tattoo removal works through a process called thermolysis. A variety of lasers are used, targeting the dye or the carbon particles contained within the tattoos. This minimizes damage on the skin while destroying the foreign pigment.
Treating Burns
Burns are a major cause of preventable injury and death in Canada. In 1998, 300 Canadians died and 3493 were hospitalized as a result of a burn injury. Males suffer from burns more often (60%) and three quarters of burn injuries occur in and around the home. There are many causes of burns.
What to do with Diaper Rash
Diaper rash is common in babies and toddlers and is generally caused by the constant wetting and drying of delicate skin and exposure to irritants. No matter how clean and dry you keep your baby's bottom, they will likely develop a diaper rash at some point.