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Acne Triggers and Treatments
Almost all women are affected by acne at some point their lives, although severity varies widely from the occasional pimple to breakouts. Acne is most common during preteen and teen years, but can also affect adults, and can persist for years. Acne can be especially frustrating for women due to the proliferation of stereotypes about acne being associated with teenage boys. However, there are many effective treatments that are available for acne.
Caring for Your Child's Skin
Children have a tendency to get cuts, scrapes, burns and other minor skin irritations and conditions. Here are some tips to help you deal with your child's minor skin problems.
Everyday Skin Care Tips
Adults all over the world are thinking about their skin right now! Wrinkles, puffy eyes, dull complexion, are conditions that more than just several of us try to avoid. Here are some hints, and facts to keep your skin looking younger.
Fungal Infection and Nail Care
Nail fungus can affect anyone as the microscopic fungi that causes infections live in public areas such as showers, locker rooms, or even your nail salon. They prefer warm moist environments, and it may not be feasible to take a complete avoidance stance towards it. That said, there are many ways in which you can reduce the risk of getting a fungal infection.
Nail Care Basics
We've all had them, a nasty hangnail. They seem to come from nowhere and then you snag them on something and ouch! Hangnails are simply dead skin - skin that's dried out and needs to be cared for.
Nail Fungus Causes and Treatments
Fungal infections are caused by fungus that prefers moist warm areas infect the skin or nails, causing infection, and thus anyone can get an infection. It is also contagious, but can be cured with proper treatment.
Plugged pores can result in acne ...
Common factors that cause our pores to become clogged are cosmetics, hair products and hats, as well as humidity, sweating and prolonged contact with damp clothing.
Recommended Articles on Photo Damage and Sun Protection
Sunshine, although essential for health and well being, is certainly a hazard for the skin. For many people it feels good to spend time outdoors and this makes it difficult to avoid excessive exposure to the sun. Most of the sun exposure we accumulate throughout our lives, is thought to be the effect of multiple short periods of time outside. If the ozone depletion continues this may also increase our lifetime exposure
Skin Cancer Basics
Skin cancer is a condition where malignant cells develop on the outer layers of the skin. These typically develop in areas that are commonly exposed to the sunlight, such as the face, neck, hands, and the arms. Some people consider skin cancer to be a relatively minor health concern, and this is, for the most part, true. Most skin cancers are preventable, and easily cured when detected at an early stage, before it spreads to other organs inside the body.
Skin Care Tips to Fight Premature Aging
Although there are different kinds of treatments, procedures and surgery that can assist in improving the look of your skin, it is important that you look after your skin to start with. If you are unhappy with how gravity, the sun and everything else seems to be changing your skin's appearance, here are some tips and facts that will assist you..
The Importance of Hand Washing
Do you know that approximately one out of three people do not wash their hands after using the restroom? (US Center for Disease Control, 2005) And, do you know that spreading germs is as easy as touching a door knob, shopping cart or an elevator button that has been infected by someone who hasn't washed their hands?
Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair
We all have those days where no matter what we do, we can't control our hair. Below are some tips which will help you take better care of your hair...